Star Wars: Everything You Need To Know About Lightsabers

The Lightsaber can be used to slay any opponent. The simple design of the Lightsaber is sleek and light composed of light steel. Two handles are located per end, as well as an additional switch that allows you to turn the weapon on and off between attacks.

With their distinctive human-like appearance Lightsabers have been an iconic symbol of pop culture. Where did these beautiful swords originate? How do they function? What is it that makes them distinctive that people will to engage in battle with a small but delicate metals for possession or to shield themselves from the wrath of another? This isn’t the end of the matter. There’s more to it.

Lightsabers have been in use since prior to the time The Republic was founded. The invention of these lightsabers was results of intensive meditation techniques , and were used in wartime. They’re so strong that they destroy battlefields in a way that is unlike any other. Although First Blades and Force Wars are now a myth it is possible that they were actual back then. It is unclear how long ago this happened.

Star Wars legends describe a period when two warriors utilized lightsabers for battle. The proto-saber was the first known lightsaber. It was able to emit twin beams of light with its prongs and produced an impressive display that the people’s heartbeat patterns changed too rapid.

The lightsaber is one of the more versatile weapon, consisting of a plasma blade that is powered by crystals called kyber. The precise alignment of the emitter matrix is a task that requires someone who has the right skills and abilities to make adjustments or else disastrous outcomes can occur when the wrong “blades” are employed. Modern-day lightsabers can be more complex as they are used as both swordplay weapons and defense tools against Tibanna’s local plant life, which includes medicinal plants such as Mon Mothma grass (which can be beneficial in the treatment of radiation poisoning).

Imagine the fear you’d feel in your arms when it’s engulfed in flames when a blade from a weapon that is a threat cuts through it. While you may be able to extinguish the flames it is likely that some function will be lost to the part of your arm that was damaged by the blast.

The Kyber crystals with a Force attuned tuning can be found on many planets around the world. These Living Crystals can communicate with one another, and also possess an unknown consciousness. They are able to communicate between themselves, other living things or even computer systems that are not living. The crystals that are specially designed to hold and store the lightsaber’s power are called “specialized”. Living crystals can stand up to the extreme temperatures and pressures encountered in the cores of stellar stars as well as other types of environments that normally destroy all materials we know about on Earth creating them as the perfect vessel for such an important task.

Although we may not be able to see it even when we don’t see it, the Force is available to us. Each kyber crystal had its own unique resonance. The distinctive sound will aid any prospective Jedi to build their lightsaber to the one that’s right for them. Some emitted sounds, while others displayed harmony to help them. Some emitted coldness or touched oneself with the intent of finding the perfect fit.

The core of a lightsaber is Kyber crystals. They connect with Jedi Masters to allow them to alter their blade’s colors. The most common colors seen on both sides are green and blue in accordance with the side on which one is. But this particular power was blessed by Luke Skywalker so that any color can be made.

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