Saudi Visa Types: Business, Visit & Work Visa

With all the changes that have been implemented to visas over the past few time, it’s difficult for people who want to enter Saudi Arabia. Learn all you need to know about the visa and how to apply for them.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Commercial/Business Visa

The commercial/business visa is by far the most frequent and the simplest form of visa to visit Saudi Arabia. This allows an individual, on behalf of their company or organization provided they have an invitation from a person in Saudi Arabia already-to do business in that country’s marketplaces. It is possible to apply online any time before you leave and if you meet certain requirements like having enough cash at a specific bank that will permit the funds to be deposited on demand.

Clients who wish to bring their loved ones to an event should first register at the door to the event. Then, they need to wait patiently as the office is busy. It could take up to one month or three months depending on how long it takes. Once your plans have been accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices, there won’t be any surprise when you hand out invitations. It will be only excitement that someone special is about to join your family.

2. Visit Work

Be aware that you won’t be paid directly by Saudi hosts for the purpose of obtaining a business visa. This is due to the fact that the US employer is the only one to pay for part of a business Visa. If you think could be wrong Make sure that the request for a visitor’s work permit has been completed prior to arriving to Saudi Arabia, but keep in mind that the application is still going through the channels just like other forms have to be so expect some changes in dealing with Embassy staff.

3. Government Visa

The third most common and the easiest visa to work with is a government-sponsored one. This type of permit is granted through a visit to Saudi Arabian government institutions and their employees at the Embassy during the application process. The only thing is that less documentation is required from the applicant to apply for this type of. The application process is typically completed within one to two business days and is free.

4. Family Visit Visa

Family Visit Visas are extremely difficult to obtain because they require proof of your relationship with the customer. If you’re visiting grandparents you’ll need birth certificates and marriage certificates. The most important thing is the established relationship between parents and children. This kind of travel document can have enormous influence on the spouse of your.

5. Visa for Residence

The residence visa is for those who want to relocate or relocate to KSA. This kind of document is exclusively from the Ministry of Interior. It is linked directly to your Iqama card. It also requires an employment-based license. The invitation they send will be yellow , but make sure to not wait too long before looking at the contents on its surface since there are essential details about applicants that must not be lost.

6. Work Visa

A work visa for Saudi Arabia is not an simple task. The most difficult visa is one that requires you to work for your employer and enjoy benefits. This will only be possible when your employer provides direct hiring. It is necessary to apply to numerous recruiting firms before they are offered a job at the company.

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