Parasitic Worms – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

It is crucial to be aware of signs of an infection. Worms can affect anyone, regardless of if they’re young or old; but children who are younger than five might be more prone because their bodies are still developing immunity against them (generally found in the stomach/intestines). There are many over-the-counter remedies that are available at your local pharmacy, it’s crucial to not let it go untreated. It could cause serious complications and even death.

Infections caused by helminths can occur for humans. It is more common in tropical and sub-tropical areas. The adults cannot multiply while inside us; on the other hand, protozoa do have this capability and can cause serious health problems when multiple germs multiply inside a person who isn’t infected by them beforehand which is why it is essential to be treated immediately.

Signs and symptoms

They are often viewed as an illness caused by dirty water or uncooked food items. However there are many different kinds of parasites that can infect your body without you knowing. Here are a few examples.

Roundworms may cause irritation of the lungs or the intestines. It can cause nausea and vomiting, as well as a fever. It can make you feel miserable and cause weight loss.

A type of worm called threadworms can trigger constipation and diarrhea. The patient will often lose weight , along with severe itching around their anus due to the infection of these nagging creatures.

Pinworms are among the most common type of infection seen in children. Females are attracted into the rectal region and begin to lay eggs around 15,000 every day. This can trigger extreme itching of your anus.

Hookworms may enter the body through your skin. They can be found in one of two locations in the bloodstream or intestines, and should they cause enough irritation their presence can cause weight loss or diarrhea, as well as anemia.

The roundworm is the most frequent type of worm found in subtropical or tropical areas. Although they don’t cause any symptoms however, some cases have demonstrated that serious cases may result in abdominal pain and weight gain caused by a blockage beneath.

Tapeworms are an incredibly common intestinal parasite found in pets that have an extremely low risk of being cross-infected to humans. Tapeworms can be identified by stool that is white.


There are many ways to get worms. The most popular is through contact with soil that is infected and food items. Inadequate hygiene practices and unhealthy diets are other ways that people may be infected.


It isn’t easy to ensure that your child isn’t near heat sources or in areas where they might get sick. It can be particularly difficult for those who live away from the place where there’s a possibility of infection. If you use public transport for getting around, not only are your children less likely throw out food items so that you can tell them if there’s a problem, but many buses don’t allow pets.

Cleanliness is the most effective method to avoid infestation. To keep your soil healthy, remove any worming pets or humans. Wash your fruits thoroughly before eating.

If one of your relatives has worms, they can lead to serious issues. It is recommended to consult a doctor if the issue isn’t solved with prescription medications. Ineffective treatments can cause more serious issues and permanent consequences for the person who is affected or those around them.

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