How Driver App Features Benefit Drivers In Taxi Business?

Mobile technology is essential to ensure your company is up and running in the modern marketplace. Over the past few years, technology has evolved dramatically. There are new developments popping up everywhere. That includes taxis. With increasing competition from cheaper transport providers like Uber-like services or car rental firms that can provide similar amenities with lower prices while offering better customer care than the majority of traditional taxi companies do, being able to adjust quickly enough will help set yours above the rest of the taxis who are looking to launch their own version too.

There are various types of taxi applications available on market. One kind, however, is specifically designed for the established businesses in need and makes sure that customers can book their rides quickly along with an expanding customer base aiding drivers in finding the most affordable fares quicker than they have ever.

The developers was aware of the differing requirements of both drivers and passengers that led to two separate applications. This allows for more customized features, giving you the exclusive chance to have exactly what you need without interruptions.

These are the most essential features for driver apps

As the taxi industry continues to face increasing competition an important aspect to maintain customer loyalty is ensuring that drivers have easy access and control over their app. Driver-friendly features enable customers to spend more time doing their work, making it easier for them to do their job. This will result in more efficient service delivery.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

Drivers always prefer to use apps that ease their work and give the best practice. GPS tracking systems determine the exact location of the passenger, but once they have shared permission, it is more simple for a driver who needs to find them at any moment because he/she will know exactly where his/her loved ones are going.

Availability Button

Drivers are now able to use their smartphones to make themselves available to new requests and also get information. They will now be notified when there’s a request. This lets them find a different fare and details such as whereabouts.

Driver Dashboard

The new feature will allow drivers will now be able know how they compare to others in terms of overall performance and gain valuable statistics and insight regarding their trip. Before deciding on whether they can improve, they can also see feedback from passengers about their previous trips.

SMS Alerts and Emails

All important messages from passengers will be delivered to the cabs via SMS or email notifications. These passengers can also transmit messages to the cabs via email or SMS. The interface is easy to navigate.

Start/End your journey

It’s simple to locate the location you want to go by using maps. The map will reveal exactly where the pickup and drop-off points are. This makes it much easier for everyone involved.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

A user can ask for transport and receive an instant response. If the driver fails to respond within 15-30 seconds after receiving the notification through the app, it’s a sign that there are no cars in the area that are able to take them to their destination.

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