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In 2008 the Finnish winter was thawed by hellish fire as two demons rose from the grave to form Graveborne.
Marchosias and drummer Pentele first ignited the flame and recruited their legion, Brutalust (guitar), Kalmo (bass) and Raivo (vocals) 
to create intense black metal with the integrity, conviction and aggression of the 90s Black Metal scene. Graveborne unite the classic
purity of traditional black metal with destructive melodies, unrelenting heaviness and intense energy.

The debut EP, ‘Astride Over the Grave’ was unearthed from the sanctity of darkness in 2009. This five track release
was limited to 200 copies only which were available directly from the band. These quickly sold out as the infamy
of those borne from the grave spread. ‘Astride Over the Grave’ was later re-issued on vinyl by the
well renowned Floga Records. Already the band had forged in fire the beginnings of something great, a beast of
intense fury that was already unstoppable.

The Devil’s work is never done so as dark clouds again gathered in 2011 the band conspired to release their first full length
album entitled, ‘Pure Negativity’ on Greek label Nykta Records. With a new vocalist, Raato initiated, ‘Pure Negativity’
proved to be a triumphant ode to darkness and death; a medieval bone yard laid bare by expansive riffs and vehement melodies,
unabashed speed, violence and hatred. Graveborne had successfully crafted a potent exponent of pure dark matter to infect the soul
and defile the holy with sacrilegious fervor. The album was extremely well received by underground
press as it reaped overwhelmingly positive reviews. Notoriety grew and the flame blazed again brighter from the darkness.

These songs became a part of Graveborne’s rare yet intense live rituals. As the band performed select shows with some of
Finland’s most elite underground acts such as Goatmoon, Sacrilegious Impalement and Kadotus
the aggression of their music and raw energy reignited the feeling of the evil black metal that was so fresh and powerful in the 1990s.

Now Graveborne rise from the grave for their unholy resurrection on Séance Records! The new album entitled,
‘Through the Window of the Night’ will be channeled from the abyss by Séance Records in late 2013. Like a black metal
Leviathan rising from the darkness to reduce divinity to ashes & unleash pure evil in the form of nine deadly psalms to Satan.
The new album embodies the ferocious and uncompromising spirit of 90’s Black Metal which shall blacken hearts in
rapture and shake the heavenly spheres as it unites destructive melody with unrelenting heaviness.
Beware this ungodly wrath in the vein of early Immortal, Marduk, Dark Funeral & Dawn.

‘Through the Window of the Night’ was recorded by the band and is Graveborne’s finest work to date building upon
the morbid foundations of their previous body of work and intensifying it with more speed, fury
and highly skilled compositions. It features a special lyrical collaboration and guest vocals by by K-2T4-S
of ..And Oceans on the track, “Pyhää Verta” .‘Through The Window of The Night’ was mixed & mastered by Jarno Hänninen
at D-Studio and features the unholy illuminations of artist Markus Räisänen. This time also marked a baptism of fire for Horkka,
joining on guitar to forge ahead the unholy tenebrae.

The Burn The City Of God’ digital single was released in November for download and features an exclusive track entitled,
‘Temple Without Walls’ from the ‘Through The Window of The Night’ sessions. This track is only available online. Two songs that will
open the window upon enveloping blackness because…

Through the window of the night only darkness remains… and the darkness is coming

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